What is the purpose of this site?

To document all the people, groups, and practices that contribute to bad government in the USA.

My Thoughts on Good and Bad Government

Good government should be as large as necessary and as small as possible. Mostly, we should have ways to protect ourselves from government getting out of control, which currently we don't have (much). Here's for an open society that benefits all!

Good government should provide:

  • Infrastructure
  • Defense (not necessarily offense)
  • Regulate interstate commerce
  • Impartial judicial system
  • Protection of civil rights for all
  • Regulate business and professional activities to prevent abuses
  • Long-range planning for the benefit of all

Government should avoid:

  • Giving to or enforcing advantage for any group, no exceptions
  • Corrupt practices
  • Taking rights away from any person or group, especially those based on prejudices
  • Imposing on other countries, societies, cultures
  • Supporting the worst characteristics of ego as policy (such as exceptionalism)
  • Engaging in propaganda

Did I leave anything out?


Signs of Bad Government

  • Corporate Welfare
  • Corruption
  • Legal Abuse
  • Perpetual War
  • Privatization
  • Protection Racket for the Oligarchs
  • Unequal Justice
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